Give & Take

Giving back to the community for over 7 years.
Open April -November, Friday and Saturday, 9-noon.

Closed holiday weekends

History of Give & Take Ministries

Sponsored and operated by the Cornerstone Family Church of the Nazarene congregation, it is now open and operating at the church's location in Linfield PA.

This unique ministry operates by receiving good, usable items and in turn people my "take" from the inventory as needed. Anyone can give to the inventory as needed. 

What to Bring

You may bring clothing, shoes, accessories, baskets and bags, toys, children's books, household items.

Please keep in mind we receive a lot of clothing and we would appreciate if you only bring clothes that are in season and that are clean.

What not to Bring

Medical items, stuffed animals, furniture, kitchen appliances, electronics, and no weapons of any kind.

Hours of Operation

We are open Friday and Saturday mornings from 9:00 am - 12:00 noon.


(April - November)

Additional openings will be posted on our doors and here on our website.