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Nothing is more powerful than the story of a personal experience. A personal testimony can do more to inspire or lead a person than a dozen sermons. So we ask Cornerstone members to consider telling their story. Share one of your own by answering one of these “interview” questions:

  • How did you meet Jesus?

  • What did baptism mean to you?

  • How has your life been changed at Limerick Cornerstone Family Church?

  • How has your small group been meaningful to you?

  • How have you grown in your faith recently, and what made the growth happen?

  • How has serving in a volunteer role, or giving financially changed your life?

There are two ways to share…

1. Share a video.

Using your phone’s camera, or your computer’s webcam, record yourself sharing your story in three to five minutes, and email it to We’ll do some light editing but will preserve your story the way you tell it. You can also set up a time for Pastor Matthew to record you in your own home, at church or anywhere else you would feel comfortable. 

2. Write your story.

Share your story below...*

From a couple of paragraphs to a feature-length novel, please share your story or testimony with us.

Thanks! Message sent.

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