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Local Missions

The purpose of local missions at Limerick Cornerstone Family Church is to strengthen people for life by leading them to salvation and the church locally, nationally, and globally so they can become fully devoted followers of Jesus.

Here’s what that means for local missions.  The first role of local missions is to encourage and equip our members to shine and show the love and salvation of Jesus to people in and around their own lives and invite them to church. We describe these efforts as personal outreach.

Secondly, we want to show our community the love of Jesus by serving them the way Jesus served us. We know our lives are better because Jesus is with us. We think our community should be better because His church is in it. 


Our hope is that hearts will open to the gospel as they see the love of Jesus through us. This is accomplished through our Small Groups, Local Missions Groups, and the support of other missional organizations.

Community Meal

Local Youth






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