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At Limerick Cornerstone Family Church we value volunteers. We also believe that to be the hands and feet of Jesus we need to serve others and our community as well.  We know that many people are strapped for time, but have chosen to use their God-given strengths, abilities, and passion for God’s purpose.

Right Attitude 

We ask all volunteers to live out these habits when they serve at Limerick Cornerstone Family Church…

  • Have a positive attitude. We are all serving the same God. In a growing church, there will be many shifts and challenges that come with this environment. A positive attitude is contagious!

  • Have a committed heart. It’s important to Be responsible. We believe God deserves our very best. Please be early to your ministry assignment. Make sure you are prepared, and be prepared to have fun!

  • Have a loving heart. We want people to know the love and grace of God. We are the hands and feet of Jesus Christ! Love on people of all ages!

Opportunities to Serve

We have many different areas where volunteers can serve. All volunteers serving with children and youth at Cornerstone must have the necessary state clearance and background check:​


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